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How To Start A FREE Blog & Earning.

How To Start A FREE Blog & Earning
How To Start A FREE Blog and Earning

Have a job working at home to make extra money is most people’s purpose in blogging. Works with Fun at home, and make money with affiliate program is about how to make money with your hobby, by starting a free blog, that no high cost on you. But sometimes it confused and daunting. I will show you the easy way on “How To Start A Blog”. These 5 Steps To Start A Blog:

  1. Start Blogging With A Free Blog.
  2. Choose The Blog Topic and named your blog; something descriptive and easy to remember.
  3. Build your site;  Choose the right host platform, a free theme, plugins, and beautify it.
  4. Write and Publish your first post; Start writes your passion and interest in it.
  5. Earn Money With Your Hobby; these several options you should choose.

Let’s digging!

1. Start Blogging With A Free Blog.

If you want to make extra money by starting a blog, I should tell you that this scheme isn’t a way to gain fast money, but you will gain your money at the time. I suggest you start with A FREE blog. Why? Because it’s no high cost on you while you at the starting level.

Most of the website platform offers a limited period for a free blog. WordPress.com gives one month, and the other usually only for 14 days. I suggest you start a FREE blog with Wealthy Affiliate. See the BONUS you will get after you sign up.

All of these things are absolutely FREE. It isn’t BS or MLM Business, and it isn’t a scam.  Yeah, I know that feeling, cause I have ever been there too. You should try this opportunity. It’s totally FREE and you may leave it whenever you want to. Nothing to lose and you get some knowledge instead.

I suggest you start with a free blog, because of some reasons:

  1. It’s no additional cost for you.
  2. It’s primary for a beginner that just starting learns how to blogging.
  3. To buy a domain or name for your own site or URL is need few things to consider, like choose the right name with the right keyword, or knowing how much fund initial to start your blog, etc.
  4. It’s better you try out by yourself, which website and hosting platform that suite your need with their trial time offering.


2. Choose The Blog Topic and Named Your Blog;

After you decided to start a blog, usually, you already have to know “your blog is about what”. If you still blur with your topic, these questions maybe can help you.

  • What’s your hobby and interest/passion?

Actually, a hobby and interest/passion are two different things. Your hobby is something you are used to doing with pleasure, and usually, you already have some experience with it. But interest/passion is more something you really obsess about but still need to be explored or sharpened. From there we will know which way our blog will go.

  • What’s your experience?

Your life experience is anything you have known because you involved in it no matter you like it or not. something you ever did through your life and you did it in a great way. Like a dishes washer, an electric fixer, a traveler guides, a sailor, a painter, a baby sitter, a gamer, a mother/father who has the twin or six kids or the secret agent. Do you get it? Because of their job, push them to have this experience. But some experience that you have didn’t just because it’s your job, but sometimes it’s happened in your life because they needed your help.

  • What’s your blog would be about?

To answer this question, you may narrow your experience that matches with your hobby or interest and passion.

For example, if your hobby is baking bread and you have experience of it which you know the detailed recipe, so you know what you may do or not and the result is your bread will be full taste. That’s it! you may choose it.

Or you expert in the crafting business, you may pick it as your blog topic.  So whatever your experience is, if it matches with your passion, your interesting, which is your hobby, choose it as your blog topic.

“Named your blog” based on your blog topic. The name of your blog has become the address of your blog. I suggest you pick a name that something descriptive, and easy to remember.

Don’t use a number as your name, it’s pretty hard to be remembered and your blog name should “Friendly” SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

“Friendly” SEO, it’s mean your blog name has a few things that SEO wants which makes SEO easy to find your blog.

Something about the relevance between your names’ blog and the content. Like the URLs-URLs or Slug, it’s the URL in your site. The original content, the structure of the headline, and the rich images which it’s description have an ALT text and link URL are a few characters that SEO love.


3. Build your site; Choose the right host platform, a free theme, plugins, and beautify it.


To build your site, you have to choose the right website platform and the hosting platform. If you start it with the Wealthy Affiliate platform, it uses the combine between siterubix.com and WordPress platform. It’s really a good platform I ever used, but you only have  7 days to learn to build a site. Can you learn in  7 days all of the material of training? I don’t think so.

WordPress.com offers free registration of their site, and it’s free for 30 days to try out. Some of the other websites offer free registration and you can try out their sites for only 14 days. You may check each of the website platforms at G search and hope you will find out the best one that suits your needs.

I suggest you choose WordPress.com or Simdif2, that free “forever” as long you publish it every 21 days.


There over a thousand themes, you may choose if you on the WordPress website platform, and you don’t need to get a headache about the hosting platform because it already includes the website if you use the WordPress.com platform. (It’s different with WordPress.org)

Choosing one theme which you like and don’t worry! you may exchange the theme as much as you want to.  The great of blogging with WordPress platform is easy to change your theme from thousands of free themes available, only by a few clicks you can change it.

The best theme is the theme that mobile-friendly. It’s the first thing you need to go if you want to have a successful blogging and the other features depend on your needs.


You will need the plugin to run many functions of your site. To activate the plugin, you just need to go to your dashboard and activate the Plugins by click Installed Plugins. Plugin: I suggest All In One Seo Pack Plugin, primary if you a beginner (but seriously want to build a successful business) and for an advance also.

To beautify it, you need some plugin, that allow you to optimize your WordPress image,  the plugin to Shrink, track and share any URL on the Internet from your WordPress website, the plugin to provide you easily to share with social media, or the plugin that allows you to ad management with many advanced advertising features to insert ads at optimal positions, enables the WordPress classic editor and the old-style Edit Post screen with TinyMCE, Meta Boxes, etc. Supports the older plugins that extend this screen etc.


4. Write and Publish your first post.

ABOUT PAGE:  The first thing you have to write is “About (your name) Page”, that you may tell the reader who you are, why you write this blog or everything you want to share with your reader. The primary purpose of this page is to have the trust of your reader.


HOME: Commonly, the home page is the comprehensive description of your site, but it’s up to you to design it as you like how it will look to the world.

ARTICLES: This part is fun and you may start to write your ideas, your passion which is your hobby for the blog. Start writes your passion and interest based on the experience in your blog. I suggest you pick the right title for your article. It means you have to check that your title is with the right keyword or not, to learn more you can read Jaaxy A Sophisticate Keyword Tools.

PUBLISH: Share your post to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook Page, Pinterest or Twitter, etc.


5. Earn Money With Your Hobby.

Once you build the website, frame your site by writing About Me page, Privacy Policy and the Home Page. Then starting telling the story about your hobby or something you like to tell others.

How your story becomes something you may earn?

There several ways to make money from your blog and this post only an option, join Wealthy Affiliate is the best way for you to make money and build your dreaming, build a successful business.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to find, join the affiliate program and make money. With the Wealthy Affiliate, you may join over thousands of affiliate that suite with you.


Several Way To Earning From Your FREE BLOG


1. Selling Online,

Actually their several ways you can earn from your FREE Blog.

You can sell online, if you already have some product, you can sell your product online with Simdif2, and it’s free as long as you always publish your blog at least every 21 days.

At Free Plan “forever”, it has not a payment button, but they have a gallery. 7 pages with unlimited block and it has a chat live that supports the communication with your client.  It will fit if your shop’s campaign only in your local area.

I had been with Simdif2 for few months before I met the Wealthy Affiliate, so I know it better based on my experience.

I love it because they have “friendly” Guiding in over 11 language translators and it much more teaches me about starting a website building, only by click and drag the templates. Very easy!

And something I struggling with it when I want to share my post to social media, that only text without pictures appear.

The trick I use that time is keeping design a good infographic and posting to social media with linking the URL of Simdif2. Well you know, the infographic is a pretty important thing besides the good content. You should have it! Because it was changing now, you can easily share your post with awesome pictures you want. You can access and edit your site the same easy way with the website, the app for Ipad, iPhone and for Android devices.  I love Simdif2.

The other choice is the Sitebeat, they offer free plans “forever” too.


2. Selling online without blog/website and without product.

Selling online without having a blog/website and without product. It’s for you who love drawing, crafting, knitting, photography or designing the picture art.

There are some websites let you have your own store on their website for FREE, like Zazzle

You may create your own product and sell it at your free store, or you may share the other store product on their website directly to social media.

The website is usually known as Print-On-Demand, like Printify, Fine Art America, TeeSpring, Society6, SunFrog, or Printful. 

You only need to signup at their website and once they approve your registration, you may start your online store.

I had been with Zazzle, so I know this and I hope this article helps you to find out the way How To Make Money With A Free Blog or No Blog. Ok, thank you for taking the time to read my article and please leave your comment. Good luck!


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