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How To Make Money Selling Painting Online.
How To Make Money Selling Painting Online.

When someone meets colors paint and start drawing something, the artwork just has begun. But why people sell their paintings online? Most of the reason’s an artist sells their painting are for a living. Part of them let their painting convert into an art print and the others keep waiting until the right person comes for their painting.

It’s a sad thing or amazes? The artist colleague said, it’s a sad thing but the ITech experts said it’s amazing. The increase in technology that can make beautiful pictures precisely like the original painting is a fantastic result.

The opposite, painting is an art created from a talent gift that not everyone has it. This special part that makes artists anxious to gain a highly appreciated, as deserved prices for their artwork.

I think it’s only about the sentimental of the painter’s possess, and on the other hand, it could be just a trick to higher the prices of the art. Meanwhile, the arts will have higher values when someone wants it. Isn’t it?

I and my kids love drawing and painting. Sometimes we crafting from recycling plastic bottles.

But the question is how to make money? Can we sell our’s painting? Yes, we can sell anything online? At out there always someone who wants to have your unique art.

There is two way of selling the painting online. First selling through the art market (In case is Print-On-Demand market) or selling through your website. Do you see how my painting looks at the products? Isn’t it cute?

How to selling my painting online ‎

I met Zazzle on Youtube a few months before and I find out that Zazzle is one of the best ways for you to have your own store for free.

There several choices on Zazzle Affiliate, you may become a designer, a maker or become as associates. It’s definitely up to you! Interest? click here “ZAZZLE” It’s absolutely for FREE, your payment data only to receive the paid.

And the other way is selling through your own website. It’s mean you need to purchase a domain and hosting service for your website.

But the question not yet answering, “how can I sell my painting through my website?”

Meanwhile, the competition becomes higher at a time by time. I’d check to Google Search that people who selling art print online are over a hundred million and people who selling art online is close to a thousand million.

Besides the best places to selling painting online like, Printify, Fine Art America, TeeSpring, Society6, SunFrog, Printful, or Zazzle never promises to rely upon a buyer in a short time.

The best way to do that is to sell paintings through your website while continuing to display them in the art market, waiting for the right person to own that painting.

How is that possible can become successfully to make money selling my paintings online through my website? Yes, surely it is possible!

I can make money selling my painting to the print-on-demand market, while, I’d building the foundation of my business with Wealthy Affiliate.

I learned how to build my website, find and how to join the affiliate program. There over thousands of affiliate programs in Wealthy Affiliate, you may join in some Wealthy affiliates program as many as you want to.

It is a great idea to find out how to make money and sell your painting or even “any stuff” online.

Nothing wrong to try it. You may tell your experience to me, I love to hear that. Thank you and good luck!


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