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How To Make An Avatar


Hello everyone,

How are you? I wish I find you well and safe at home.

Hey, the Newbies Blogger!
After you have successfully written several articles and published them on the website. Sometimes you will get a few comments for your article.
Try to pay attention to the identity of those who provide comments, especially quality comments. Usually, there is a name, profile, and even the website address.

You can see how cool it is to have a profile that appears when you discuss in the comments box on your website or others when you comment on their website.

This time I wanna tell you about how to make an Avatar branded as your profile and it will appear at the comment section of your blog, or it could appear too at the other blog when you give your comment and your email address on their blog. Isn’t it cool?

Why it is so important? yes, it is. If people know your profile, it is more connecting when you have to communicate with your reader, or with the other blogger when you give your comment on their website. It is your profile, and nothing you hide of. With it, you guarantee the trust of your reader and the other blogger.

It could become your brand. When people read your article and like it, they will remember your id, such as the name of the website or the logo, and the Avatar to recognize your article at the other time when they look for your articles. By the time your id and in this case, your Avatar would become your brand. See. that’s why it is so important for your website.

You can make an Avatar image if you already have a blog or a website, and with a few steps, you can make it, as shown below.

Ok, let’s start.

Step 1# Open Gravatar.com/

Step 2#click the blue button “Create Your Own Avatar” as shown above and it will appear the picture like the below.

Step 3# Fill your email address, it has to be the same with an email address that you use on your blog as a user.

Step 4# After click ‘create your account‘, Go to your email to confirm, click the blue button  ‘activate your account

Step 5# Back again to your Gravatar and click the sign-up button.

Step 6# You can upload your own avatar/picture you like to be your avatar. You may upload more than one picture as your Avatar.

Step 7# Go to your dashboard’s website, find out the user at the left sidebar, click it, and choose ‘your profile’, click it and fill the email address that the same with the email of the gravatar’s account, and fill the URL website where your Avatar will appear, then save it.

Step 8# Check it by clicking the visit your website, at the left up of your dashboard page, and find out your profile appears or not at your comment box.

If it there like picture above, and …………………… taa daa! … it’s done.

Why an avatar to your blog is important, you should hear its explanation, and as a good Reference, here the link about How To Create Your Own Avatar. You see how simple it is to make your own avatar. Ok, Good luck, Stay well and be safe.

~ Sylvia Yuchinta ~

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