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I’m Sylvia Juchinta, live in Indonesia. I’m a worker by day, aspiring actor by night, and this is my website. I’m an mõm õf one gírl, 3 tens and 2 little bõys. I came from the á family traveled from one island to another island in my country. Now I stayed for good with my children.

I have some hobbies like drawing, painting, crafting, Listen to instrumental music (Clayderman, Ryu, George’s Ensamer Hirte) but I like Henrique Iglesias, Allan Walker music and BTS too (Korean Boy bAnd Group), playing my favorite game (Sims Family, Meancraft, Fastlane, Design Home)

Have a job and make money is our dream. It’s a great idea if we can work online to make money at home or anywhere and have more time with the children.

I tried to do it alone but I lost, till I find my direction to make extra money. That’s why I love to help you to lead on you through this way, to blogging and earning, whatever your blog about. It will be fun if you have many friends who care for and support each other toward a successful future blogger. So I’m here. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best Wishes,
Sylvia Juchinta.

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